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Professional Transformation


Designed to help professionals in the social service field and beyond collaboratively improve group dynamics and work culture for better service delivery.

What's offered?



Workshops designed to show staff how to respond to high-level needs from a very practical standpoint.  These workshops included support around vicarious trauma, anti-bias restorative coaching, burnout, and our 3-part series for teams seeking to: strengthen their ability to work cohesively together, adapt to change, and enhance client engagement strategies through motivational interviewing. 

Specially Curated Workshops

Specially curated workshops designed to aid professionals in developing and advancing skills necessary to problem solve, learn to use coaching for skill building & development, and attend to the social emotional development of staff.

Leadership Development Coaching

Designed to support leadership & frontline team members seeking to advance their: leadership skills, adaptability skills, strengthen workplace relationships, create a more inclusive workplace environment, and more.

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