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Who is Coach Denise?

Hi, my name is Denise Relf, I am the founder and principal consultant of NSG Coaching & Consulting! I was born, raised, and reside in The Bronx, a county within the City of New York. This is important to share, because as a Black woman born at the height of the “crack era,” neglect was the type of connection I knew.


As I aged, I developed a strong desire to aid those around me in feeling seen, heard, and justly supported. I went into the field of social services, because like many, I wanted to make a difference.  I discovered that my I had a real talent for helping people to connect to the deepest parts of themselves in order to bring about greater levels of change. As I moved into management roles it was coaching that aided me in connecting to my team members to show them how to connect their passions to the needs of the families so that everyone wins. I noticed that I was using this same approach with family, friends, and even myself as I navigated challenges. I discovered that limiting beliefs really impact a major portion of the goals we set to achieve in life, and that I had a solid approach to overcoming those challenges. 

NSG has become an outlet through which I am able to support the growth of others who feel unseen, unheard, and stuck in particular areas of their life.  Through coaching I am able to combine all of my experiences together to serve as a catalyst for someone else’s growth…not because I have the magic pill, but because I’ve spent decades cultivating my ears to hear beyond the word and trained my eyes to focused on solutions.  

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Thomas, New Jersey

I desired support with improving my personal accountability and developing realistic goals. I turned towards NSG Coaching and Consulting (NSG) because I knew they were a certified coach that had experience supporting others in this area. I can gladly say that NSG helped me accomplish my desired goals. In route to achieving this result, NSG helped me identify personal strengths that I often overlook. This showed me that I already possessed the skills that I needed to be successful which boosted my confidence. This was a critical revelation because through the reflective exercises I did with NSG I uncovered that low confidence in my abilities often stopped me from pursuing my goals. Through my coaching sessions with NSG, I learned to craft strategies that relied on my strengths and be  honest with myself about my priorities."

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