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I almost gave up on you

Updated: May 30, 2023

When our desires scare us...

I almost gave up on you...

I almost went back to someone else point of view, someone else's way of life, someone else's dream of how I should pave my way, I almost gave up on you.

What's your spirit calling for? That inner voice you often ignore. What has it been asking you to do all these years? Who has it been asking you to be?

When our desires scare us, we can find ourselves looking for a plan b, causing us to give up on our personal calling in order to follow what seems "best" according to our safe and settled self.

This article is asking you to go inward and listen to that voice again. You might have to call it back out of the box you've neatly packed it away in, but trust me, it's still there...listen.

As you're reading this, ask yourself, what deep desire have you packed away? Now give yourself 5 seconds to live that dream out in your mind.

How did you feel?



You didn't even try to envision yourself?

I'm not giving up on you...

What's 3 reasons why you want this for yourself? List them!

What's one barrier to this becoming your reality?

Let's tackle this friend to friend...imagine this were your loved one, who's super passionate about this idea. This friend has come to you heartbroken and doubtful, looking for solutions forward. Pour your ideas into this friend, brainstorm...

What's one step you would encourage this loved one to take in the next 7 days?

How will they manage to complete this step? Map it out.

Now...where are we? Well, we've just poured into your vision...fed your desire with hope and validation...and best of all, we've started you off with a realistic plan of execution. Look at you, let's just call you the "executioner!" Eh, or not, yeah maybe not, sounds a little, ah

Ok ok, I digressed, back to the subject.

Guess what, it doesn't just stop can use this same approach after you've completed your first step, ask yourself what's one more step you can take, and follow the process again and again.

Lastly, what kind of coach would I be if I didn't offer you an opportunity to work with me? I wanna see you knock down barriers and achieve your desires!

Transform the way you see yourself to expand whats possible...go further with NSG!

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